Energy Efficiency for Industry and Business

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  • Energy Management Systems


Energy Audit according to EN 16247, Energy Management Systems according to ISO 50001 

Our full-scale energy audits and subsequent implementation of the recommended actions include the following services:

  • Assessment of the status quo and determination of the energy efficiency of an industrial facility

  • Preparation of the current energy balance

  • Calculation of potential energy savings

  • Identification of potential to increase (internal and external) efficiency

  • Analysis of resources and possible use of regional resources

  • Evaluation of the commercial and technical feasibility as well as the practicality of the

    individual steps

  • Return on investment calculations and analysis of the economic benefits

  • Preparation of a master concept

  • Monitoring and support of the entire implementation process

  • Final report and assessment of the project outputs 


Our energy audits comply with EN 16247 and our internal energy audits for energy management systems comply with ISO 50001.

The following are areas in which experience has shown that latent savings can be tapped:

  • Energy supply and distribution

  • Electrical drives (efficiency of engines, rotary speed regulation, etc.)

  • Supply of pressurised air (leeks, capacity utilisation, dimensioning)

  • Energy efficiency in manufacturing facilities and buildings (heating plants, air conditioning and insulation)

  • Lighting in offices, manufacturing facilities and warehouses

  • Heat recovery (ventilation, waste heat, exhaust heat recovery, waste water, etc.)

  • Boilers (efficiency ratings, in-house energy requirements, heat recovery, etc.)

  • Use of cogeneration technology, independent power generation (combined heat and …power, gas and steam turbines)

  • Use of renewable energy sources

  • Energy purchasing (procurement and supply contracts)

  • Plant and energy-saving contracting