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en2-Consulting is an engineering office with more than 20 years of experience in the energy industry – particularly in the areas of environmental and resource management, energy generation and supply.

The founder of en2-Consulting – Robert Pfeifer – is registered auditor for energy audits (registered at the Austrian federal ministry of for science, research and economy)  and also co-founder and vice president of VIENNA ENGINEERS; an Austrian association of engineering offices.

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Selected References


Our client reference list includes not only international industrial players but also local businesses and property / facility management companies including:

  • TÜV Austria GmbH

  • Energo Rijeka (HR), (consortium: Vienna Engineers)

  • Millennium City (consortium: Bluesave)

  • TPA Energie- und Umwelttechnik

  • MCE Stangl, Frankfurt (D)

  • OMV AG

  • Triumph International AG

  • Quester Baustoffhandel GmbH (consortium: Vienna Engineers)

  • Kinderfreunde Österreich

  • ÖJAB (consortium: Vienna Engineers)

  • Unicredit (Bank Austria)

  • Donath Immobilienverwaltung GmbH

  • Frigo Immobilien GmbH

  • Georeal Immobilien GmbH

  • Architekt DI Angst

  • Hausverwaltung Handschur

  • Semperit AG

  • GE Jenbacher (Jenbacher Energie)

  • Verbund

  • EVA Immobilien

  • and many others …

The following is a selection of the industries and specialist areas in which we have provided our services:

  • Steel processing industry (Optimising the electrical power supply and assessing and

    …re-dimensioning the pressurised air supply system)

  • Brickyards (CHP planning and heat recovery)

  • Glass production (Rotary speed-regulated drives and lighting)

  • Plastics production (Gas supply and heat recovery)

  • Chemical industry (In-house power production and emergency supply based on CHP

  • Expert opinions for existing gas and steam-fired power plants

  • Thermal renovation of office buildings and production facilities

  • Renewal of boiler plants and heat recovery

  • Landfill sites, sewage works and gas from fermentation processes

    …Electricity and heat production based on biogas-fired CHP plants

  • Plant contracting for energy production plants

  • Energy performance certificates and thermal renovation of residential buildings (retrofit).