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Combined heat and power (CHP) plants based on so-called cogeneration technology represent an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly solution for the production of electricity, heat and/or refrigeration.

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Landfill gas power plant 

The underlying principle consists of a motor or turbine (usually gas powered) the waste heat of which (coolant or exhaust gases) are used for heating purposes.
This enables the overall energy efficiency of the plant to reach levels of 90% or even higher in certain cases.
Particularly economical and ecological solutions can be achieved through the operation of a cogeneration plant based on biogas, digester gas, landfill gas or gas derived from fermentation processes.

This form of energy production relies on the use of waste products to generate heat or electrical power, waste products which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere (biogas, for example, which mainly consists of methane, a greenhouse gas).
This has two key advantages for the environment since the use of fossil fuels is reduced by the same extent. As a result, this technology is characterised not only by its ecological relevance, but also by its extremely high economic efficiency and, consequently, short return on investment periods.
We have more than 15 years’ experience in the planning and implementation of CHP projects.



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